March Review of Norton 360 LifeLock

When you combine Norton 360 LifeLock's identity theft defense with Norton's similarly sophisticated device-level security, you get Norton 360 LifeLock, an effective combo. With extensive online storage for your backups and full-scale licenses for Norton's VPN, the security package alone is a winner.

What Is The Price of Norton 360 LifeLock?

Norton 360 LifeLock is available for $149.99 a year at the basic Select tier, which is only $30 more expensive than Norton 360 Deluxe. Although the amount of hosted online storage for backups doubles to 100GB, you still receive the same five suite licenses and five VPN licenses. A subscription that increases protection to 10 device security licenses, 10 VPN licenses, and 250GB of backup storage is also available for $179.99 per year.

Is Norton 360 LifeLock Safe for My Family's Protection?

The Norton LifeLock costs we quoted are for the security of a single person. A family plan is necessary for both your partner's and your protection. However, don't anticipate a volume discount. The cost of an additional Norton LifeLock subscription at the tier of your choice is simply added to the family plan costs.

If you choose a Family & Kids plan, which costs an additional $110 to $130 on top of a Family plan, you can also add limited identity protection for up to five children. Norton 360 LifeLock Ultimate Plus for Family & Kids is the most expensive option, with an annual subscription fee of $819.99.

Device Security Through the Numbers

As mentioned, Norton LifeLock offers three different levels of protection: Select, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. As we go over below, higher tiers have more robust identity protection mechanisms. However, what you get in terms of device protection also depends on the tier you select.

The least-priced grade, Select, offers similar device security to Norton 360 Deluxe. Five licenses for the security suite and five licenses to utilize Norton's VPN are included; there are no restrictions on VPN bandwidth or server selection.

Utilizing LifeLock Norton 360

Purchasing a Norton 360 LifeLock membership involves a few more steps than purchasing the Norton 360 suite alone. The app requests your address, Social Security number, date of birth, and cell phone number in addition to the credit card information you must provide to make a payment. Get used to providing Norton with your personal information; it needs it to defend you. You can invite your partner, kids, or other adults to receive LifeLock protection (at an additional fee, of course).

Prior Alerting System

Identity thieves will stop at nothing to conceal their actions from you. They can cause greater harm the longer they have to tamper with your accounts. Until you receive a bill for an account you never opened or are accused of a crime someone else committed, you might not know anything about the situation. Norton provides an extensive range of early-warning tools and monitors to help you stop identity thieves before they cause too much damage.

Identity Surveillance at Every Level

Without LifeLock, the Norton 360 scans the Dark Web for publicly accessible personal data. Additionally, it alerts you if a known breach exposes your data. Expanding the options for such protection, even with the basic Select tier, is adding LifeLock. You can monitor:

  • 5 addresses
  • 10 bank accounts
  • 1 birthdate
  • 10 credit cards
  • 1 driver’s license
  • 5 emails
  • 10 gamer tags
  • 5 insurance policies
  • 5 phone numbers
  • 1 SSN

Extras for Identity at the Highest Plus Level

Selecting LifeLock's highest level of security entitles you to additional monitoring in addition to improvements over the prior level. For instance, it keeps an eye on sex offender registers in addition to searching for offenses registered in your name. You don't want to bear the consequences of the wicked deeds of others.

Social media monitoring, at its most basic, searches for signs of account takeover. It provides alerts for top-tier users when it detects signs of cyberbullying and tracks users on TikTok.

Assistance With Identity Theft Recovery

There's always a danger that a cunning hacker or thief could take control of your identity, even with all the precautions taken and even after freezing as much of your data as you can. If LifeLock alerts you to a potential issue or if you observe something unusual, Identity Restoration Specialists can assist you in determining the exact cause of the incident and regaining control of your personal life from identity thieves.

Mobile Device Protection

Devices powered by iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS are all protected by Norton 360 Deluxe. Although it now leaves antitheft protection to Android's built-in features, the Android app receives excellent ratings from testing laboratories and offers a wide range of security measures. As is usual, there aren't many security features on iOS. You also receive a limited version of the LifeLock app, which is limited to managing your protected personal data and relaying notifications.

The Bottom Line

Norton 360 LifeLock not only offers comprehensive, cross-platform security but also assists you in identifying identity theft and overcoming its debilitating consequences. Contact us at Komdigit right away!