About us - We are a proud group of digital marketers

Who We Are

Personal finance strategies for banking, budgeting, loans and credit, renting or buying, retirement, insurance, taxes, and more.

We're proud partner of BBVA in the USA.

We are a proud group of digital marketers, web designers ,editors, writers, product experts, developers, data scientists, analysts who are  dedicated to financial education and cyber security, we help people learn about cyber security, identity theft, how to Stay Safe, Protect Your Privacy and Digital Life. We help people learn about identity theft — whether you’re chatting with friends and family, sharing info on a social networking site, or taking resources to a religious group or PTA meeting. It’s easy to use and share these free resources from the Komdigit.com. Identity theft is when thieves steal your personal information in order to take over or open new accounts, file fake tax returns, rent or buy properties, or do other criminal things in your name.