BBVA Premium Checking Account

BBVA Premium Checking Account is an interest-bearing checking account geared toward customers who have substantial balances with BBVA

BBVA Premium Checkimg Account  which not only allows you to earn high interest but there are other features and perks as well for instance the fact that you get complimentary online banking mobile banking and unlimited in branch banking. The BBVA Premium Checking Account earns 0.05% APY. It also levies a monthly maintenance fee that is waived by keeping a daily balance of at least $4,000 or making at least $4,000 in direct deposits monthly. 

Monthly fee
Minimum deposit to open
  • Features
  • Deposit methods
$19 per month
$4,000 monthly direct deposit OR maintain an average daily collected balance of $4,000+
Earn a $200 cash bonus when you add direct deposit.
More than 64,000 AllPoint, participating 7-Eleven and BBVA USA ATMs
Two automatic rebates of ATM fees charged by other banks

What features and perks does BBVA Premium Checking Account offer?

  •  Tiered rates on your account
  •  Minimum opening deposit: $25
  •  No ATM fees nationwide at more than 64,000 AllPoint®, participating 7-Eleven® and BBVA USA ATMs1
  •  Automatic rebate of ATM fee charged by other banks: Two a month
  •  Personalized Debit Card:  Add your favorite photo to your card for FREE.
  •  Free standard checks
  •  Paper Statement Fee: No additional charge

BBVA Premium Checking Account Fees

  • Minimum Combined Balance to Avoid Monthly Fee    $4,000
  • Minimum Direct Deposit to Avoid Monthly Fee            $4,000
  • Minimum Initial Deposit                                                $25
  • Minimum Balance to Avoid Monthly Fee                      $4,000

BBVA’s ATM network and fees

BBVA has 1,000 full-service ATMs that let you deposit cash and checks, make withdrawals, transfer funds and more. It partners with the AllPoint and 7-Eleven ATM networks to bring customers an additional 63,000+ fee-free ATMs worldwide. BBVA reimburses two non-network ATM transactions a month. After that, it charges a $3 fee for non-network transactions.

Get started with a BBVA Premium Checking Account, Learn more about  BBVA Premium Checking Account

BBVA Premium Checking Account requires a minimum $25 deposit to open it. The payment can be made using one’s debit or credit card, and from BBVA or other banks’ accounts. The application submitted for a BBVA checking account needs to be approved in order for the account to be opened. This applies to BBVA premium checking account, as well. This may be dependent on credit approval. There is a $19 monthly maintenance fee. It can be avoided either if $4,000 is deposited directly on a monthly basis or if an average daily collected balance in the account is at least $4,000. The account allows for the possibility of a $200 cash bonus for direct deposit and free of charge access to around 64000 Allpoint, participating 7-Eleven, and BBVA  ATMs. However, there is a $3 out-of-network ATM fee. It is possible to access the account by visiting one of the numerous BBVA branches. If a local branch is not available, living far from the Bank’s premises does not prevent one from accessing the account. Namely, if the account was opened online, access is enabled by the free of charge service from the Bank’s representatives via phone, email, text, or video conference. In addition to online banking, BBVA Premium Checking account offers mobile banking service which is efficient and user friendly. Via the Internet, it is possible to pay bills, check balances, transfer money, sign up for alerts in order to monitor the account.
Checks can be ordered online for free. There is a possibility to send checks via online or/and mobile banking without using paper checks. It should be noted that two out-of-network fees charged by other banks are reimbursed automatically. 3% of the amount is charged for international transactions. There is a $12 overdraft fee and a $38 insufficient funds fee. The Bank refunds on a yearly basis one insufficient funds fee for paid or returned items. On a monthly basis, it is possible to send money free of charge once via domestic wire transfer, and once using international wire transfer. The account comes with the possibility to earn interest. The account holder receives a debit card that can be personalized, which means that a photo can be added to it free of charge. BBVA offers several overdraft options dependent on diverse determinants including the account holder’s eligibility. One of the options is the linked account overdraft sweep service, which requires another account to be linked to the BBVA Premium Checking account. Yet, it needs to be approved, which is conditioned by the existing credit limit. Money from the linked account is transferred to cover the overdrawn BBVA Premium Checking account caused by the transactions that exceed the funds available in the account. If the linked account is not available temporarily due to its being inactive, dormant, or frozen, the transaction will be denied. There is a $12 transfer fee each day when there is a transfer. It is charged to BBVA Premium Checking account.
In Alabama,  Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas, it is possible to ensure overdraft protection via a protection line of credit. However, this option requires an approval in order to be activated. It ensures obtaining an unsecured line of credit to be used for the purpose of covering the overdrafts. A $12 transfer fee is charged on each day when an advance is made. There is a 21% APR on the overdraft amount. A courtesy overdraft option is available, yet it is not guaranteed that it will be allowed. This option comes with a $38 fee per transaction. An additional $23 fee is charged every seven days during which the account is overdrawn. One should be aware that all the account’s services, options, features, and benefits can be changed at any point. Also, additional fees may apply, about which--in addition to other details--information can be found in “Terms and Conditions.”


To open this account, you’ll need to meet a few eligibility requirements:

  • Social Security number or tax ID number.
  • Address and contact information.
  • Be 18 or older.
  • Make an initial deposit of at least $25.
  • Open the account online.
Required Information

To apply you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Name, date of birth and address.
  • Social Security number or tax ID number.
  • Government-issued ID number.
  • Contact information.
  • Employment information.

What other checking options does BBVA offer?

If the BBVA Premium Checking Account isn’t right for you, BBVA also offers a few other options:

  • BBVA Free Checking Account  A full-service checking account with online, branch and ATM access, and no monthly fees.
  • BBVA Online Checking Account.  A standard checking account that earns 0.50% interest while your money sits in the account.

Frequently asked questions

Can I open this account if I'm not a US citizen?

Yes, though you may need to call customer service to speak with a representative.

How do I find an ATM when I need cash?

Easily find a branch or ATM near you with BBVA  location finder.

If I don't live near a branch will I still get personal service?

By opening an account online, you will get complimentary service from our team of remote bankers via phone, email, text or video conference. Living near a branch is no longer necessary.

Can I use a mobile phone for banking?

BBVA powerful Mobile Banking App helps you take control of your finances no matter where you go. Pay bills, check balances, transfer money, sign up for alerts to keep an eye on your money—all from the convenience of a simple-to-use, award-winning Mobile Banking App

How do I order checks?

Use our convenient online option. You may also send checks directly from Online and Mobile Banking using Bill Pay without buying paper checks.

How do I request and activate my Debit Card?

You will receive a debit card for each account holder when you open a BBVA checking account. If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, a replacement card can be ordered in a branch or by calling 1-844-BBVA USA.

To activate your debit card, we offer four simple options:

  • Call 1-866-676-1895 to activate your card through our automated system
  • Download BBVA Wallet and activate your card within the app
  • Use your card at any BBVA USA ATM with your PIN

Make a purchase at any retail location using your PIN

How do I switch to BBVA?

Switching to BBVA is easy. Open a checking account online, then download the Consumer Switch Kit to get started

How do I earn interest?

Some checking accounts earn interest on your balance. Usually, that interest depends on maintaining a certain balance. Customers who would like to earn interest on checking, should consider BBVA Premium Checking. If you’re considering BBVA Free Checking, then the best way to start earning interest is to add a savings account. Savings also gives you the ability to add overdraft protection by linking your savings to checking.

How can I get in touch with BBVA customer service?

Customer Service and New Accounts
(Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas)
1-844-BBVA USA

Customer Service and New Accounts
(other states)

Online and Mobile Banking Customer Service

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Loan Customer Service 

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