BBVA Free Checking Account

BBVA Free Checking account gives you the chance to take control of your money with a Mobile Banking app, Online Banking, customizable alerts, Bill Pay, and more.

BBVA Fee Checking Account with full-service features. BBVA Free Checking comes with no monthly service charge, no ATM fees when using BBVA USA ATMs, plus a Visa® Debit Card, Online Banking and Mobile Banking all free. When you open this account, you also get free unlimited check writing and free paper statements. Pay no monthly fee or Service Charge for checking. Compare that to paying up to $144 a year for comparable accounts at other banks.

Monthly fee
Minimum deposit to open
  • Features
  • Deposit methods
1,000 fee-free ATMs across the country
For $5 a month, you can get up to four ATM fee rebates

BBVA Free Checking Account with full-service features

It is a monthly service fee free account, which also features free of charge use of ATMs in the US that can be found at 54000 locations across the country.The account includes options such as free of charge VISA Debit Card per account holder, unlimited check writing, Online Banking, Pay Bill, Simple Cash Back, and BBVA Mobile Banking App. Earning Cashback Rewards is also available

BBVA Free Checking Account Features

  • Initial Deposit: Open with $25
  • No monthly Service Charge or fees
  • No ATM fees at BBVA USA ATMs
  • Free Online Banking and Mobile Banking, plus Mobile Deposit® and Bill Pay
  • One Free Visa® Debit Card per account holder:
  • Earn cash back rewards for everyday debit card purchases with Simple Cash BackSM
  • Personalize with your favorite photo for $10 per card
  • Free customizable alerts2
  • Free online and paper statements
  • Free unlimited check writing
  • BBVA USA, is a Member FDIC and a Equal Housing Lender
  • Free Checking: Available in TX, CA, CO, AZ, NM, AL, FL only

Custom Features for BBVA Free Checking:

  • ATM Transactions: Pay no BBVA fee for using another bank's ATM and receive up to four automatic     rebates per statement cycle for ATM fees charged by other banks. $5.00
  •  Check Supply: Unlimited supply of standard checks and 50% off other styles. $2.00
  •  Cashier's Checks: Unlimited Cashier's Checks. $2.00
  •  Safe Deposit Box: 3 X 5 Safe Deposit Box. $3.00
  •  Estimated Monthly Fees for Custom Features Selections $0.00

BBVA ATM network and fees

This account comes with a Visa debit card, allowing you to make purchases almost anywhere. Plus, you’ll get access to a network of domestic ATMs.

  • Use any of the 1,000 BBVA ATMs in the US for free.
  • For a $5 add-on charge per month, BBVA will waive their out-of-network ATM fees and you’ll receive up to four rebates per statement cycle to put toward other bank’s ATM fees.
  • You’ll be charged 1% of each transaction when you use an ATM outside the US.
  • You’ll be charged 3% of each transaction when you use your card outside of the US.

Get started with BBVA Free Checking Account, Learn more about BBVA Free Checking Account

BBVA offers a variety of accounts available in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. Among them is BBVA Free Checking Account. It is a monthly service fee free account, which also features free of charge use of ATMs in the US that can be found at 54000 locations across the country. The account includes options such as free of charge VISA Debit Card per account holder, unlimited check writing, Online Banking, Pay Bill, Simple Cash Back, and BBVA Mobile Banking App. Earning Cashback Rewards is also available. BBVA provides a high degree of protection for online banking. It is ensured via NortonLifeLock supported by Google, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

The amount required for the opening of the account is $25. The required minimum $25 deposit can be paid with a debit or credit card, from the existing BBVA account, and/or the account in another bank. There are no requirements with regard to the balance once the account is opened. Also, in order to open the account, a valid state issued ID with a photograph is needed. It can be a driver’s license, states ID with a photo, or passport. Social Security Number for primary and joint account holder--if applicable--is also necessary. In order for the account to get activated, it first needs to be approved. For that purpose, credit approval might also be necessitated.

Terms and Conditions may provide the information about certain fees. Benefits, products, and features may change at any time, about which notifications might be delayed. This can result in the balance not reflecting all the transactions at the moment of the account holder’s accessing the account.

    Name Minimum Deposit to Open ATMs Out-of-network ATM fee
    Wells Fargo Everyday Checking $25 No ATM fees at Wells Fargo ATMs $2.5
    Chase Total Checking® $25 No Chase ATM fee $2.5
    Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking® $100 No Bank of America ATMs fee $2.5
    Santander Select® Checking $150 $0 $0

    To open this account, you’ll need to meet a few eligibility requirements:

    • Social Security number or tax ID number.
    • Address and contact information.
    • Be 18 or older.
    • Make an initial deposit of at least $25.
    • Open the account online.
    Required Information

    To apply you’ll need to provide the following information:

    • Name, date of birth and address.
    • Social Security number or tax ID number.
    • Government-issued ID number.
    • Contact information.
    • Employment information.

    What other checking options does BBVA offer?

    If the BBVA Free Checking Account isn’t right for you, BBVA also offers a few other options:

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I open this account if I'm not a US citizen?

    Yes, though you may need to call customer service to speak with a representative.

    What is an online checking account?

    An online checking account, or online banking, is a digital service that lets you manage and monitor your checking account from a computer, tablet or smartphone via the Internet. One of the main advantages of online checking is that it allows you easy access to up-to-date information on your account, such as your current balance. You can also use online checking to pay bills and transfer funds from another linked account. These accounts include a debit card and are meant to be combined with a mobile banking feature that lets you access your account from your phone. These features are available with BBVA Free Checking. All BBVA checking accounts including BBVA Free Checking offer online checking.

    How do I open a checking account?

    Opening a BBVA Checking Account can be done on your computer. Once you select the checking account you want, simply click the Open Now button to get started. The online form only takes a few minutes. Checking accounts are subject to approval, which may included credit approval. $25 minimum opening deposit required.

    How do I open an account and manage my money?

    Opening a BBVA Free Checking account is easy and can be done online, in a branch or over the phone. Once you have the account, you can add free Online Banking and Mobile Banking, plus Mobile Deposit® and Bill Pay. These services will give you the ability to easily manage your money virtually anywhere, putting you in control of your financial decisions.

    How do I earn interest?

    Some checking accounts earn interest on your balance. Usually, that interest depends on maintaining a certain balance. Customers who would like to earn interest on checking, should consider BBVA Premium Checking. If you’re considering BBVA Free Checking, then the best way to start earning interest is to add a savings account. Savings also gives you the ability to add overdraft protection by linking your savings to checking.

    Where are the fees with free checking?

    BBVA Free Checking Account comes with no monthly service charge, no ATM fees when using BBVA USA ATMs, plus a Visa® Debit Card, Online Banking and Mobile Banking all free. When you open this account, you also get free unlimited check writing and free paper statements. When it comes to the typical monthly usage fees, free checking really does mean free at BBVA.

    What if I overdraft my account?

    If you overdraft your Free Checking Account, there are two types of fees that could be charged. A Paid Item Overdraft Fee (NSF charge - Paid Item) is charged when a transaction exceeds your checking account's available balance but BBVA pays the transaction anyway. A Returned Item Overdraft Fee (NSF Charge - Returned Item) is when a transaction exceeds your checking account's available balance and the bank does not pay the transaction.

    Also, If your account remains overdrawn by more than $1.00 for seven (7) consecutive calendar days, an Extended Overdraft Service Charge of $23 will be assessed. An additional $23.00 Extended Overdraft Service Charge will be assessed for every seven (7) consecutive calendar days that your account remains overdrawn by more than $1.00. A maximum of four Extended Overdraft Service Charges may be assessed per overdraft occurrence. This charge is in addition to any NSF fees you may incur as a result of items being presented against insufficient funds.

    We may, at our discretion, authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions: (i) checks and other transactions made using your checking account number; and (ii) automatic bill payments. If you do not want BBVA to authorize and pay overdrafts arising from checks and other transactions made using your checking account number and from automatic bill payments, you must opt-out of our standard overdraft practices for these types of transactions

    How do I request and activate my Debit Card?

    To request a replacement BBVA Debit Card, you can use Online banking, Mobile banking app or call 1-844-228-2872. To activate a new BBVA Debit Card, call 1-866-676-1895, use the BBVA Mobile Banking app or visit a BBVA USA ATM with your PIN.

    How do I switch to BBVA?

    Once you’ve made the decision to switch to BBVA, you’ll need to open a checking account. Opening the account is easy and can be done on your computer. To close your old account, ask the previous bank for an Account Closing Request Form. Any funds remaining in the account will be moved to your new BBVA checking account. If you need to also switch a direct deposit, request a Direct Deposit Form from your employer or the Social Security Administration. In addition, to make changing your direct deposit easier, consider ClickSWITCH, a direct deposit platform that allows users to change their direct deposit through their employer without filling out a paper form. ClickSWITCH interacts with the employer directly on behalf of the employee, either electronically or mail.

    What Does BBVA Bank Offer?

    BBVA Bank has a full array of banking solutions available to appeal to a wide range of customers including:

    How can I get in touch with BBVA customer service?

    Customer Service and New Accounts
    (Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas)
    1-844-BBVA USA

    Customer Service and New Accounts
    (other states)

    Online and Mobile Banking Customer Service

    Mortgage Origination Inquiries  

    Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit 

    Loan Customer Service 

    Automated Loan Payoff

    Credit Card Customer Service

    Investment Solutions Customer Service

    BBVA American Express Card Customer Service

    International (Mexico) Customer Service

    BBVA Free Checking Account