Norton LifeLock Business Solutions

Norton Subscription Services For Broadband and Mobile Service Providers

Partner continues to directly manage their customer relationship, billing, & accounts/subscriptions. Partner offers Norton to customers as  a monthly subscription service on same monthly bill (BB/Mobile)
Simple &  Seamless :

  • Monthly subscription model for Norton Services
  • Licenses controlled by  Symantec/Norton via API  request from xSP/Telco
  • Customer  relationship always  between Telco/xSP and  EndUser,( Monthly payment from customer to Telco/xSP)
  • Option  to  cancel  customer at any  point
  • Option  to  integrate with  mobile only or PC/mobile
  • One time integration with our API services to start and cancel Norton subscriptions
  • Same  partner integration grants you access to Norton’s robust product portfolio
  • “Good until cancelled”- As long as the subscription is paid for, it will keep working, similar to your model
  • Single user PIN  & login credentials for entire Norton portfolio (Partner Single-Sign-On also available)

Partner – Friendly  Configurations

  • Partner Co-branding of Norton LifeLock Products/Apps/Websites, emails, etc.
  • Configurable links, cross-sel s, upsells (Display/Hide/URL destination; can point back to partner)
  • Product features / functionality

Help your customers protect themselves, their families and their businesses by subscribing to the security product that meets their needs. Norton delivers an easy solution to protect computers, smartphones and tablets—on
Windows,® Mac,® Android™ and iOS.

Norton customers have 28%  longer lifetime thanstandard  customers.Norton customers bring +42%  more value during their entire  lifetime than standardcustomers
- Major European ISP Partner

Norton Authorized Partner