Norton 360 Deluxe Review

Some have considered 2020 the era post-antivirus. As Wirecutter by the New York Times stated within the last three days, “the best antivirus protection is not traditional antivirus protection.”  This means that antivirus protection is no longer enough to shield your systems against cybersecurity breaches. 

While some argue that this means you don’t need antivirus anymore, this is not advisable.  It’s still best for the average PC user to employ virus protection. Yet, you will need a touch above the standard antiviral service. A Deluxe service is in order. The best we’ve seen so far is Norton 360 Deluxe

This is where Norton products come into play. They go far above and beyond the standard issue of viral protection. Norton security products are designed to adapt to the security needs environment. 

Real-time threat protection

Malware has mutated to real-time threats that increase their reach every day. This is why a traditional-suite program package such as Norton’s service has developed to the times. Norton 360 is not a standard virus protection. It is virus protection that also monitors threats that could emerge. This includes real-time threat protection, secure VPN, Dark Web monitoring, 50GB of cloud backup, parental controls and password managers and safe cam. 

These additional features adapt traditional virus protection to the world of 2020 web. 

Crosses platforms

A traditional PC single use is not as common anymore. Now, the average household uses the web over a span of syncing devices. Norton 360 has adapted to this era of tech use. Standard plans of Norton 360 offer protection for one PC, one Mac, one smartphone or tablet. The plan spans the range of standard devices used in the average household to cover all bases. 

Complete list of services

The range of services Norton 360 offers will depend on the selected plan. Plans go from Norton 360 Standard to Norton with LifeLock Select. Norton 360 Deluxe was our favorite because it is moderately priced but still offers more value than the Norton standard.

The services are built on three tiers. Device security, online privacy, and identity theft protection. Under each of these tiers, comes a list of services beneath each of these tiers. 

Device security includes anti-spyware, antivirus, malware and ransomware protection. This is the base of the majority of Norton products. In addition to these standard services, Norton 360 offers online threat protection and cloud backup for up to 50GB on the deluxe plan. Next, device security adds a smart firewall, password manager, virus protection promise and unique parental control. This takes the same concepts as apps such as Kidlogger but with the guarantee of the Norton elite antivirus protection. 

Norton Deluxe then protects against harmful email downloads or scripts. It offers bank grade encryption. It also supports anonymous browsing and adds an ad-tracker blocker to prevent harmful adware, a form of a malware that attaches to online advertisements, from attaching to your system. 

The technique of how Norton 360 deluxe adapts to the new world of antivirus 

How does the Deluxe edition adapt to the new need for post-antivirus era protection? Norton Security Deluxe functions by automatically updating its security scans in the background of your computer. It also, as of the 2019 version, has a means for manual scan. It is imperative that a PC security product be both automated and manual. Technically, this is the only logical path it can take. Automated means that it will have real-time protection. Manual means that it will still also work and function to the user the same as familiar antivirus of times past. 

Norton 360 Deluxe attributes Lehman’s laws to PC security 

The coexistence of automated and manual scans takes into account Lehman’s laws of software evolution. Meir “Manny” Lehman of International Business Machines introduced the laws of software evolution to give developers and computer users a good rule of thumb for software quality and development. 

Norton 360 Deluxe applies the fifth law of software evolution which is “conservation of familiarity.” It also employs the sixth law which is “continuing quality” and the eight law of “feedback systems.” Deluxe applies the fifth law by having a manual scan function that allows users to conserve the familiarity of virus protection they’ve known since the beginning. Yet, it also employs the sixth law by allowing for continuing quality with the automatic updates. The Norton system is constantly automatically scanning the system it is downloaded on. This constant review of the system is continuously improving its safety and quality. Then, it applies the eighth law by continuously reporting risks to the system. Exposing the weaknesses a PC has been exposed to is the near equivalent of the law of continuing feedback. 

Why Norton Deluxe in 2020?

With the argument that this is a post standard antivirus time in the digital space, why should you subscribe to Norton Deluxe? The answer is not entirely black and white. Cyber crimes may have become more sophisticated, but antivirus protection has not become irrelevant for that reason alone. This is because some cybercriminals are still themselves adapting to the changes in the technology available for them to abuse. 

What users had to say 

You could just take this review and then leave it, but it would not do Norton 360 Deluxe full justice. What did other users and reviewers have to say about the Deluxe system? How is Norton 360 Deluxe keeping itself relevant in 2020?

Below we collected info on reviews, their breakdown and verdict, from various trusted tech sites. These multiple sources give you an understanding of the nuances of Norton 360 for a span of users. 

What TechRadar UK said

TechRadar, in a more recent review, gave Norton 360 Deluxe a 4 out of 5-star ranking. As they said it, Symantec’s veteran security brand continues to be a “big contender.” 

TechRadar gave it this ranking based on the above-average accuracy Norton 360 still continues to report. Norton is likewise lightweight on your system. You can stay about the business of developing without worrying about your iron-clad security system detracting from productivity. 

TechRadar also made a point that Norton 360 Deluxe has a relatively accurate means of blocking malicious URLs. This is a major reason why antivirus is still important in 2020. 

About the VPN 

This review also pointed out that Norton 360 Deluxe had some anomalies with its VPN. The Norton Secure VPN called Norton Safe Connect integrates completely with the suite interface. This is a good thing for your anonymity. The Norton Safe Connect system will trick sites into constantly thinking that the user is operating from a different country. That said, TechRadar pointed out that this could become an issue with geoblocking of sites. Perhaps the only drawback here is that Norton 360 Deluxe is so proficient in its capacity to block potentially harmful sites. 

One other word of caution. Norton Safe Connect does not have a killswitch feature. If your VPN were to fail, and you were on a harmful site, your true IP address will be immediately exposed. This is why having the Norton Safe Connect feature on your computer is great, but it might not be advisable to go surfing the dark web on it. 

About the Webcam protection 

Norton 360 Deluxe also comes with the lovely feature SafeCam. Safe Cam alerts the user to untrusted apps that may try to access your web camera. It gives the user a chance to allow or block suspicious apps in this department. 

TechRadar reviewed the Safe Cam feature and found that it responded almost immediately. Their most trusted and well-known app received easy access via the Safe Cam rules. The little-known app from TechRadar flagged instantly. 

One other good feature of Safe Cam is that the user can customize how it responds to good apps. Safe Cam will give you the option to “always allow good apps.” You can switch this off as well if you would rather be allowed to manually accept the good apps. 

About spam protection 

The spam filter for Norton 360 Deluxe, according to Tech Radar, is not the strongest feature of the system. You do have the option to turn it off if you would rather use a different spam filter along with the Norton 360 system. TechRadar called the spam filter “relatively basic.” 

TechRadar concluded its review of the Norton 360 service by giving the opinion that its single-system VPN is perhaps its strongest suit. The presence of constant privacy across a span of devices makes the Deluxe package worth the investment. 

What the Gadget Guy said 

Within the past week, Gadget Guy gave an opinion on Norton 360 Deluxe as well. The overall score this site gave was 4.6 out of 5 stars.

 About password management

Gadget Guy broke down the password manager in more detail. Those who have yet to use the password manager, according to this site, will be glad when they do. One need only remember a master password, like a master key, and the password manager does the rest. Norton 360 Deluxe’s password manager can import passwords across a span of internet browsers. This includes Chrome, Firefox, Dashlane, 1Password, and Lastpass. 

It will then export passwords to a Password Manager Backup Format. These formats take the form of DAT, plain text, or CSV file types. This backup format allows the user to get their data back into another program. The Norton password manager also works on all of the devices it is installed on. 

About the speed

Previously, it had been mentioned that Norton 360 is a lightweight addition to your system. Gadget Guy wanted to test the effect the Norton 360 system would have on speed. For this reason, Gadget Guy did a speed test on modern tech equipment. This included Surface Pro 6 and 7, Surface Go, Surface Laptop, HP X360 Spectre, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Android tablet, and Intel NCUS. Gadget Guy states that each of these devices had processors that were no older than two years old. 

Even during scans, speed difference on each device was negligible with Norton 360 Deluxe installed. You can have it on your system and not even notice that it's there half the time. 

Gadget Guy thus concluded that Norton 360 is a premium service and definitely worth the investment in a subscription. 

What Tom’s Guide said

In the weeks following Norton’s move to add a VPN feature, Tom’s Guide also weighed in on the Norton 360 Deluxe service. Tom’s Guide gave Norton 360 Deluxe a 4.5 out of 5-star ranking. They stated that the newly adapted Norton 360 products give the user “almost everything you could ask for” in an antivirus software. 

What Digital Trends said

Digital Trends review Norton 360 deluxe quite a few weeks ago now, on November 29,2019 to be exact. Digital Trends was reviewing a more recent version of Norton 360 for the Black Friday sales season. Digital Trends made a note that Norton 360 Deluxe does not limit which types of devices get coverage from the service. That means that you can choose to protect five laptops or five smartphones. There is no fixed limit such as three laptops and two smartphones. This versatility is great for PC users who may own a various assortment of devices. 

What PCMag said

Within the last month, PCMag also gave their opinion regarding the Norton 360 Deluxe system. They gave it 4.5 out of 5-star point ranking. They were most pleased with the unlimited VPN that Norton 360 Deluxe offers. They also note that the parental security features included along with the VPN would have cost a fortune by themselves, but are included as part of the Norton 360 bundle. This, PCMag states, makes the service a great bargain. 


We’ve looked at the breakdown of the features. We’ve heard what other reviewers have had to say. It’s time to reach a verdict. Norton 360 and Symantec security products continue to rise to the top of the available software on the market today. The services rolled into one subscription are well-worth their price. This is a great bargain that provides prime customer service and hands-on engagement. It is a top recommended product.