How to choose a suitable Norton 360 product?

Norton  AntiVirus Plus, Norton 360 Standard and Norton 360 Deluxe gives you comprehensive malware protection for a single PC, Mac, Android or iOS device. An urge to protect yourself and your property is something we were all born with. From the beginnings of our lives, we constantly have the need to keep ourselves safe. Since the technological advance reached its peak, another part of our personality ensued and it also needs protection. This is a part of us which uses the Internet, visits many known and unknown sites and stores almost all of their personal data and information on their computer or online. Technology, together with many perks and upsides it offers, also brings intruders of other kinds- viruses, worms, spyware and many more cyber-criminals trying to hurt and harm us. But, what good would this technological progress even be if it did not also bring solutions to these problems? It takes highly trained experts to create an antivirus program so skilled that it protects even from the newest malware. Luckily, those are precisely the types of experts that work in NortonLifeLock, the creator of Norton 360 products.

Norton AntiVirus Plus- a dependable antivirus program for your PC
Whether you mostly use your computer for saving photos and music, or you visit different social networks, read the news online, or engage in any other online activity, the least thing you can do for yourself is provide optimal protection for your computer. Norton AntiVirus Plus is an antivirus program that gives you complete protection from the viruses, worms and most of the online malware. New threats are created every day and Norton works with the help of an enormous database network which is updated regularly and active at all times. This is one of the reasons Norton AntiVirus Plus stands out from its competition- its gigantic non-stop monitoring center.

The installation is very easy and happens within minutes. Modern design of the interface is enriched with a huge number of options, more than you regularly get in a basic antivirus program. Still, it was created to be absolutely easy to use, for the commands are extremely comprehensible. It keeps detecting and removing viruses without you even noticing, since the influence of this antivirus program to the system is close to none. It is automatically updated as you play games or watch videos online without interruption! 
Norton Antivirus Plus is an excellent protection from viruses, Trojans and any type of malicious software. Furthermore, it protects you on a network level, which means that it prevents attacks even before they actually reach your computer. The fraudulent spam messages are carefully filtered, because it also has an excellent anti-phishing tool. The downloaded files are vigilantly analyzed and the ones recognized as malicious ones are removed almost instantly the download is complete. Additionally, this antivirus program does not, as usually the competitor products do, have built-in pop-out adds that sometimes can disturb important work and annoy the consumer. 
There are some fantastic additional features to Norton AntiVirus Plus, surprisingly useful and advanced. Some of them cannot be found in other basic antivirus programs, but also add to your overall protection from identity theft and other types of cyber-crime. The most dominant one is an additional tool that is separately downloaded, but comes within the Norton AntiVirus Plus package. It is a Norton Identity Safe tool, a feature which skillfully manages all the passwords on your device. Although Norton AntiVirus Plus was created for Windows, it has one more feature worthy of mentioning- a tune-up feature. It performs a detailed clean-up of the unnecessary files on your computer if they start slowing it done and interfere with its efficiency.

It might run slightly slowly when the first-time full scan is being completed, but the following full scan is noticeably faster. The Help Center option provides numerous helpful resources to resolve any confusion while using Norton Antivirus Plus. There is an abundance of videos in “How-To” form or a detailed guide to read. A diagnostic tool is activated automatically when you click Support, and it is able to fix many predicaments prior to contacting tech support. 
Norton AntiVirus Plus has been tested in three autonomous labs, and it was given a perfect score. The labs did both static and dynamic tests, and the tests include analyzing performance of a whole product, but also the separate components of the antivirus program. Therefore, officially, there is no better protection for your computer from online malware than Norton AntiVirus Plus. It is created for one device and comes with a price of $49.99 for the first year.
Norton 360 Standard- for the precautious ones

Some people work from their Mac; some depend on their Android and when you think about protection for the devices other than PCs, think Norton 360 Standard. This sharp defender is a step up after the basic antivirus program from Symantec mentioned above. It does include all the benefits that Norton AntiVirus Plus offers, but with some additions to it, which add up to the overall health of the device you decide to protect. Whether it is a Mac, an iOS, an Andriod or a Windows operated device, the choice should not be too hard.

Extremely user-friendly, it takes a short period of time to install, or upgrade from its basic brother. If you have previously been using Norton security basic, the upgrade will take even less amount of time. The most distinctive difference between them is that an intelligent firewall is a component of Norton 360 Standard. This significant addition is important because it puts protection against vicious malware on your device in a more detailed manner. The purpose of a firewall is to control the traffic of the data to and from the device. It analyzes the type of data that flows into and out of the computer and prevents the unwanted ones from being both received and sent. The importance of this both-way arrangement is enormous, since we have all been witnesses that our contacts, once or twice, received something we never sent. These can be spams, viruses, bots and different types of malware that the cyber criminals try to place physically in our device. With the firewall, the exchange of the data itself is protected as well.
Additionally, Norton 360 Standard offers a constant support to its users. With this package, you get non-stop communication availability from the team of experts. Whenever you need any advice or explanation regarding your antivirus software, a professional is there for you to clarify any doubt. If, for some reason, they are unable to help you, the company guarantees to give back a 100% refund to an unsatisfied customer. This is how certain they are of their product! All these extra tools make Norton 360 Standard much faster and more efficient than any other antivirus software of this class. The price is $39.99 for the first year and is unquestionably a sensible price compared to what it offers when it comes to computer protection. This software is for you if you have a very active online communication, receive and send much information and visit many sites that might not be safe, but need your device to stay healthy at any cost. It can only be used for one device. And if the number of the devices you need protected exceeds this amount, NortonLifeLock has an adequate product for that.

Norton 360 Deluxe- one protection for five devices
An astonishing fact came from a recent survey in Britain: an average number of the Internet devices per one family is now 7.4! In The USA, the numbers are similar; almost half of the households possess five and more Internet devices. Since usually there are children in the household, the importance of quality antivirus software cannot be stressed enough. Norton Deluxe offers protection for up to five devices at the same time. All the perks and upsides of Norton Security Standard apply here, too, but it adds the number of Internet devices it can completely cover.

Yet again, a highly praised interface appears which, although covered with numerous options, makes sense in its arrangement and is highly comprehensible. The main panel has four sections for Security, Identity, Performance and More Norton, which are then subdivided into more options. If you hate being interrupted, you will love Norton Security products, for they already have a reputation of not being noticeable at all. There is even a Silent as an option. It affects the system in no way as it works effectively to safeguard your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android operated device, or just all of them at once! With Norton 360 Deluxe, you can keep different devices with different operating systems protected all at once. Yet again, the pop-ups are as minimal as possible; just giving you notice from time to time to inform you what is happening with your system. 
Not only does Norton 360 Deluxe try to identify the malicious software with the familiar ones, but it also analyzes behavior of the unfamiliar code, which is called SONAR within the NortonLifeLock massive database network. The professionals keep in touch with you and, as a subscriber of Norton 360 Deluxe, you are given a Virus Protection Promise. In the unlikely event that a virus sneaks into your computer and somehow bypasses the antivirus software, one of the experts that are tech support in NortonLifeLock will log in to your device to determine and resolve the issue. On the off chance that they do not succeed, the full amount of your subscription will be refunded, just like in the case of Norton Security Standard subscribers. They also show history of your downloads, optimizations and all actions.
This antivirus suite is perfect if you and your roommates have different devices, or you have a family of up to 5 members that have different devices (tablets, phones, laptops…) to protect. Its price is $49.99 for the first year.
The number of the devices that the Premium package can cover grows up. It is now 10 devices that can be protected with only one software package installation. These can also be either Windows, Android, iOS or Mac systems, or a combination of your choice (or rather- your need).
The next important addition to this full-package antivirus software is the parental control option  Norton products also have this tool sold separately as  Norton Family Premier. This little parents’ helper offers a variety of useful way to save parents from doubting their children’s activities. As usual, it is easily comprehensible to activate this feature. It is a simple matter of installing an app onto a device that is to be supervised, and   create a profile of the child’s device. There are 48 different categories according to which you choose which sites to block for your child. For some older children, you can set Norton Premium parental control option to just warn them of the unwanted sites. If the site in question is visited anyway, it will be logged and remembered on the profile. This is a Website Supervision option. There is also a Time Supervision option- the tool that helps parents set the time defined for using the device. The end can be set to alarm as a warning, but also automatically break off the connection. Video supervision reports which videos on YouTube was watched, and it also covers Android devices. As usual for a full-range parental control system, there is a pretty handy option called Location supervision, which shows the location of the child at any time. The Text message supervision gives many options: you can either go through all the messages, receive notifications of every message from a new contact, but you can also remember a contact as a safe, which will then only be logged, and not read. The unwanted contacts can be blocked. Should they send messages, they will only be noted by Norton as “unable to deliver” messages.
The specific Norton Product you need depends on your activities and your needs. If you spend moderate amount of time online on your Windows operated PC, then moderate protection is what you need, and Norton AntiVirus Basic is the product that will suffice. If you have a Windows or a Mac operated device, and you also use your computer more than just moderately, upgrade to Norton 360 Standard, for it includes a smart two-way firewall and improves the protection. If, however, protection for one device only is not enough for you; if you have many devices with different operating systems, choose Norton 360 Deluxe. It covers up to 5 devices with only one subscription, and all with the malware protection and the firewall. It protects as many as 10 different devices at once, and adds a few more useful extra features, just to cover completely everything: from parental control to extra online storage for free. Norton 360 Standard, Norton 360 Deluxe all have 100% guarantee included and also give you a 24/7 communication availability from one of the experts from tech support.